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Since it’s award season…

May we take a moment to mention a few of the awards we’ve won this past year?

We feel funny doing it – not only because talking about ourselves goes against our Lutheran DNA, but because awards are so peripheral to why we do what we do. So why not just dispense with the whole thing and focus our energy elsewhere?

Well, here’s why: Because the awards really aren’t about us. They’re ALL about the client. After all, they’re the ones who fund the work. They’re the ones who green light the concepts. And it’s their spirit that’s reflected in everything we create.

The fact is, awards aren’t all that hard to win – WHEN YOU HAVE GREAT CLIENTS who inspire the work that awards recognize.

For example, our design for Bellisio Foods’ EAT! Frozen Entrées website won an award from Graphic Design USA and a W3 Award (Silver) in the Consumer Goods category. This was a fantastic project to work on, and the quality of the site directly reflects our client’s passion to stand out in the marketplace.

Graphic Design USA and W3 also recognized our work for Parasole Restaurant Holdings’ Field Day fast casual restaurant. Working closely with legendary restaurateur Phil Roberts and James Beard Award winning chef Tim McKee, how could we NOT have come up with a great logo package?

In addition, our logos for Ten 01 Social Restaurant at the Hilton Minneapolis and Tasora Books won recognition from Graphic Design USA. Neither would have been possible without the close collaboration we received from both clients.

We know it sounds like a humble brag to talk about awards and then say, “But the credit really goes to…” But that’s the truth. Ask anyone in our field what the secret to great work is, and they’ll tell you: It’s great clients.

Because they set the tone. They provide the marching orders. They’re the ones we’re doing it for. And therein lies the value of participating in awards competitions. It gives us the opportunity to shine a light on those who make winning possible.