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How Firebirds Restaurants stoke success

The restaurant business has always been tough. But today is a different story, particularly in the casual dining sector.

Costs are rising, while profit margins continue to shrink. Customers expect more for their money, including higher quality, more choices, and more convenience. They want a greater commitment to sustainability, seasonality and local sourcing. They’re also more demanding of novelty and authenticity (but not at the expense of predictability and consistency).

Oh, and competition in casual dining has never been fiercer.

A brander’s work is never done.

It’s no longer enough just to offer great food. Every day, restaurants need to offer their guests a comprehensively satisfying dining experience. Because if they don’t, others will.

Our client, Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, gets this in a way few other restaurants do. Before making any decision – in operations or branding/marketing – this Charlotte, North Carolina-based chain of 45 polished casual restaurants asks themselves: “Are we being true to who we are?” and “Will this engage and delight our guest?”

We first helped Firebirds update its brand back in 2010, and since then have been a trusted partner in burnishing, freshening and renewing its identity – without compromising the brand’s foundations.

At its heart, Firebirds is a wood fired grill. Fire gives the menu its primal appeal. The restaurants’ ambiance and quality of its hospitality are also rooted in the warmth of fire and humans’ natural inclination to gather around it. Yet fire, too, is a living thing; a dynamic source of energy that gives the restaurant its vitality. Firebirds’ branding and marketing protects and celebrates these qualities, but also builds on and leverages them to keep the dining experience as fresh and appealing as the food Firebirds serves.