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The joy of partnering with Joy Collaborative

Pro bono work is a must for creative agencies – and not just because we have a responsibility to give back to the community. For one thing, it just feels great to advance the social good. There are opportunities to stretch your creative muscles in…

What’s in a Name: Creating the Celeste of St. Paul Brand

Maybe a year and a half ago, Rebound Hospitality engaged us to create a brand for a new hotel in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. That’s a juicy project in its own right, but what made this one particularly exciting was A) the 113-year-old building’…

Serving up your restaurant brand: A conversation with Maite Kuhns, trainer & recruiter

For all the groundwork laid by the creative team, it’s the restaurant staff who ultimately bring the brand to life. We sat down with Parasole Restaurant Holdings trainer and recruiter Maite Kuhns to talk about the importance of brand training.

The art, science, and near‑futility of restaurant naming

Restaurant naming has never been easy, and the task has only gotten harder in the digital age. But if you’re resourceful and determined enough (or if you have a branding agency with those qualities), the perfect name is out there.

Supervox grills a steakhouse master: Restaurant branding insights from Parasole’s Phil Roberts

How can independent restaurants get the edge over chain behemoths? Parasole Restaurants founder Phil Roberts shares the brand strategy that has elevated his suburban steakhouse concept, Pittsburgh Blue, to a market-dominating position.

All aboard the Twin Cities 400

For the Twin Cities 400 Tavern in Minneapolis, Supervox helped bring its brand to life by focusing on the restaurant’s deep Minnesota roots and its commitment to expressing the state’s heritage, hospitality, and culinary culture.

How Firebirds Restaurants stoke success

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, a national leader in polished casual dining, has partnered with Supervox Agency to create one of the restaurant industry’s most admired brands.

So you’re contemplating a rebrand

No business ever undertakes a rebrand lightly. Not only is it a laborious, potentially expensive undertaking, jettisoning an old brand for a new one entails significant risk. Handle it the wrong way, and you could trade valuable brand equity for some…