Case Study

AVI Systems

Communication Liberation

AVI Systems came to us for a new website, but it soon became apparent that we needed to better communicate the company’s unique strengths across all channels. What we discovered led to a complete brand overhaul for the nation’s fourth-largest provider of audiovisual integration services.

Through market analysis and interviews with key stakeholders, we gained key insights into AVI’s rapidly changing business landscape. For one thing, the category itself was maturing at a breakneck pace, with technological advances leading to the convergence of AV and IT infrastructure on the enterprise level, and the consumerization of AV affecting organizations of all sizes. Consequently, AV decision makers were changing along with their priorities. And AVI Systems was perfectly positioned to meet their needs, with the signal strengths of its people, process and expertise all aimed at realizing the vast potential of AV technology.


AVI Systems needed a brand positioning that spoke to its strengths and was both readily understandable and actionable. We landed on “Communication Liberation” – the power to free organizations from the constraints of the past by harnessing the potential of today’s technology not only to enable AVI’s customers to do their job, but to seize new opportunities and imagine new possibilities.


Our communications hit hard on a simple, but powerful message centered around freedom. After all, the whole point of technology is to liberate, not impede. To convey the power and potential of AV technology, we created a series of videos showing how AVI helps organizations flourish, frees them from the hassles of the past, and meets the unique needs of large, multi-location enterprises. The new website reinforced our messages about freedom and simplicity, while internal branding ensured that all employees were equally well-informed about the company’s new positioning.


The moment the new went live, we initiated a process of continual site monitoring and optimization. We also incorporated new marketing automation software (HubSpot) to support the company’s sales team. In addition, Supervox introduced new print and electronic collateral covering AVI Systems as a whole, the AVI process, and AVI Global PRO Support. We also partnered with AVI to hold the company’s inaugural national sales meeting, and have entered into a retainer relationship as AVI’s agency of record.