Case Study


A New Generation of AV Integrator

Altadena, California-based ClearTech is no mere AV integrator. It’s a true industry innovator, attuned to the way today’s workers and digital learners interact with communication technology. Our rebrand and new website for ClearTech conveys their cutting-edge insight, expertise and laser focus on how organizations can thrive in an era of workplace transformation.

ClearTech isn’t a large AV integrator, but its innovative practices, dynamic leadership and clarity of vision have won national attention, and enable it to compete successfully against industry behemoths. Led by Christina DeBono and CTO Joe Perez, the company combines cutting-edge technology solutions and extraordinary client service with a deep understanding of how today’s workforce and learners use communication technology. More than that, ClearTech has a profound commitment to bettering its local communities and being a positive force globally. None of this, however, was being communicating by its brand or website. That’s where we came in.


The crux of the ClearTech story is the company’s powerful understanding of workplace transformation and how organizations can thrive in a digitally dominated, customer-centric world. Consequently, our development of the brand story and web platform focused on ClearTech’s talent for providing the kind of connectivity that valuable young workers and today’s most enterprising students demand – connectivity that pays off directly for organizations through efficiency and employee/student recruitment and retention.


On the technical front, we used the tools of organic SEO to ensure that ClearTech was speaking clearly not only to potential clients, but to search engines as well. Using our documented website process, we gathered all critical information – from core company information and marketing messaging to technical details about the site – into a single repository. Then we planned the structure of the site starting with broad strokes and moving toward detail.


ClearTech is a unique industry player, and it needed a unique brand and web presence. To ensure it stood out among the competition, we focused on communicating key differentiators, led by customer service and ClearTech’s ability to help clients navigate workplace transformation. At the same time, we wanted to stake out a web presence that radiated the company’s energy, enthusiasm and refreshing sense of social responsibility. The result was a website of striking clarity, one that married fantastic photography with graphic elements that communicated modernity, a Supervox-designed set of custom icons, and AV-savvy copywriting that cast ClearTech as an industry thought-leader.


Supervox used its own expertise in on-page SEO to build an AV integrator site that is search engine catnip. While the site’s design and verbiage have drawn rave reviews from members of the industry, its real victory is in the 72% increase in overall traffic and 32% increase in new users ­compared to this point last year thanks to the technical SEO and keyword research that went into the site. Moreover, the new design and compelling content have increased session duration by 58% (great for SEO). Just as important, ClearTech now has a site that tells the truth of who it is to a world that increasingly needs what it provides.