Case Study

Dunn Brothers Coffee

Giving Dunn Brothers Coffee a brand as bold as its brew

With some 80 locations, a 20-year history of specialty coffee franchising leadership and high brand recognition, Dunn Brothers had a lot to brag about. It just wasn't in their nature to do so. But rising competition from the national chains prompted a change in strategy, and Dunn Brothers asked us to be its voice.

Consumer surveys, focus groups and interviews with operators and partners identified key strengths. Dunn Brothers offered better coffee than the competition, a superior coffee shop experience, tailored to each location by the franchisee; strong local roots; and neighborhood cred. It also had fiercely loyal customers.


Small marketing budgets demand smart marketing strategies. Ours centered on a new brand positioning for Dunn Brothers, one that powerfully and unequivocally asserted that not just the coffee, but the entire experience, was fresher, richer, bolder than the mega chains’ offerings. Further, we needed to show how Dunn Brothers backed up its claims about responsible sourcing. And we spoke forthrightly about its investment in neighborhoods and communities.


We developed “The Bold Standard” tagline and placed it prominently at every point of contact. A more emphatic visual identity further positioned Dunn Bros as the “anti-chain;” a collection of individually owned neighborhood proprietorships united in their commitment to growers, community, the environment and quality. We also created a new website that connected each location directly to its customers.


We unified and strengthened every facet of Dunn Bros’ consumer-facing communication, including point-of-sale advertising, in-store signage, cup design, coffee packaging and website. We also created a new membership community called Dunn Brothers & Sisters. And at every point of contact, we reinforced the brand’s core attributes while keeping the messaging fresh and engaging.


Supervox was critical in driving the brand repositioning of Dunn Brothers Coffee during a vital time in our history, especially in helping identifying our voice in a crowded industry dominated by mass market brands. Their agency is filled with great strategists with superb creative talent that helped us push boundaries and position the brand for the next generation of coffee drinkers. Supervox was instrumental in branding, designing and launching one of the most successful product lines in Dunn Brothers history, the Infinite Black 64oz growler. They are a pleasure to collaborate with and are invested in the long-term success of their clients.

Melissa Telsrow

Co-Founder, Hi-Per Inc.