Case Study

The Farm AV

End-to-End Expertise for Enterprise AV

Born as a manufacturer’s sales representative in the AV industry, The Farm has grown into a truly unique hybrid entity, one that AV integrators and end-user enterprises alike rely on for AV services ranging from quoting and procuring to highly specialized engineering, programming, commissioning and training capabilities. Broad and deep AV industry expertise and resources enable The Farm to serve even the largest enterprise clients and their integrator partners. Our challenge was to help communicate its wide-ranging strengths – quickly and compellingly – to audiences who have never seen anything like The Farm.

Even with our history in the AV industry, it took us a minute to fully appreciate just how powerful a partner The Farm had become for its customers. To gain the requisite understanding we dove deep into the company’s capabilities, competitive landscape, and growth strategy. As part of our efforts, we conducted in-depth interviews with numerous Farm team members as well as key clients who brought into relief the myriad ways the company brings value of manufacturers, integrators and enterprise end users. Unique among manufacturer representatives, The Farm is an on-call, even on-site, expert in every phase of enterprise AV product deployment, commissioning, programming, training, service and support.


The Farm AV is a force multiplier for integration firms that need to do more for their enterprise clients, and it even works directly with enterprises to augment –and even lead – their internal teams. Our first responsibility was to communicate its capabilities in a way that also captured The Farm’s unique commitment to its customer’s success. Indeed, The Farm has grown in the manner it has because of a desire always to do more for its customers. We landed on a positioning that focused on the specific needs of enterprises and the AV integrators who serve them, concentrating our messaging on the company’s particular strengths in expert consultation and end-to-end service delivery, as well as its core character traits of objectivity, independence, and a determination not to let its customers fail.


It’s not just The Farm’s business model that’s unconventional. So is its whimsical agricultural-flavored name and identity as an AV services provider. Knowing that The Farm had built a significant brand equity among its customer base, we retained the core of the existing brand identity but updated it to connect The Farm more closely to its technology-driven industry. We also sought to highlight the extraordinary team that makes The Farm so valuable to its clients. Verbiage embraced a range of farm metaphors (how could we resist?) while maximizing clarity of messaging for The Farm’s enterprise audience, and at every turn reinforcing expertise and end-to-end service delivery. The result is a brand look & feel that retains its homespun character while radiating energy and expertise.


Supervox redesigned The Farm’s redesigned website to become a powerful statement of the company’s youth, energy and massive capabilities. We also extended their new look and messaging across social channels, print and online collateral, swag, and more. All these elements were marshaled in our launch of the website. At the core of the strategy was a contest to name the chicken that appears in The Farm’s logo and is well-represented in the company’s hugely popular swag. Promoted primarily in social media, the “Name Our Chicken!” competition drew hundreds of entries and many visits to the new site, sparking interest from existing clients and prospective ones. As The Farm continues its growth trajectory across the western United States and prepares to offer select services on a nationwide basis, Supervox continues to sow new ground with a client unique in the AV industry.


Trust. Attention. Compassion. Detail – taking the time to put in that extra 5 percent to just make everything better. Contrary to most agencies I’ve worked with, the folks at Supervox truly care – about the project, about the relationship, about the future. Most advertising agencies in Minneapolis take advantage of small- to mid-size companies – not Supervox. I’ve worked with them for years on everything from print and digital to multimedia and interactive design. I can’t speak highly enough of the entire group and can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without them. Supervox is that tiny jewel you only find once in a lifetime.

Kelly Perkins

Marketing Communication Manager
AVI Systems