Double Cut

A flagship restaurant for a category-leading resort

From size to amenities, the Kalahari Resort & Convention Center dwarfs all other properties in the Wisconsin Dells. But it lacked one thing: a restaurant that befitted the property’s stature. That changed when we helped create Double Cut Steakhouse.

Double Cut Logo

Double Cut Logo

A steakhouse needs a strong name and a confident logo. A slick monogram helps, too.

Double Cut sign

Double Cut Sign

Interior signage for Double Cut featured another version of the logo.

Double Cut knife/plate

Double Cut Plate & Knife

Can a steakhouse go overboard with logos and monograms? Not as far as the guests are concerned.

Double Cut Outdoor

Double Cut Billboard

Billboards that appeared in the Wisconsin Dells tourist areas prior to launch.

Double Cut posters

Double Cut Poster

Posters and ads communicated the restaurant’s vibrant dining experience.