Engage. Excite. IGNITE.

The booming Communications Technology industry offers incredible career opportunities for young people. But a growing shortage of skilled professionals threatened to put the brakes on its growth. The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) turned to Supervox to help change that equation.

Ignite Website

The hub of the Ignite recruitment initiative is a website that speaks first and foremost to career seekers, but also features a comprehensive array of resources for the educators and industry members who serve as AV industry Ambassadors.

Ignite Homepage

We designed the Ignite website to tell the whole story in one big scroll, communicating all essential information in engaging, bite-sized chunks that reward exploration.

Ignite Videos

Something you may not know about AV: the people who join the industry tend to fall in love with it and seldom leave it. That’s a powerful selling point for AV, and to communicate it we created a video in which a wide range of industry members share what they love about the sector. The video on your left was our solicitation for contributions. It generated an overwhelming number of responses, a small portion of which are on display in the official Ignite launch video on the right.

Ignite Real Careers

Why are so many industry members lifers? Because AV not only offers a vast range of career paths, it encourages and rewards mobility within the industry. To communicate this, we created a unique career tracker tool for the Ignite website, one that allows visitors to chart the professional progress of individuals as varied and unique as the career seekers themselves.

Ignite Folder

Ignite Promotional Material

Among the print collateral we created for the Ignite program is this brochure, which encouraged educators and industry professionals to become Ignite Ambassadors who identify promising young people and assist them in exploring opportunities in AV.

Ignite Icons

As part of the Ignite communications materials, we created this custom suite of icons.