Il Gatto

Fusilli for futurists

An Italian restaurant and bar located in the Twin Cites’ most diverse neighborhood, Il Gatto (“The Cat”) combined a casual ambiance with a high caliber of cooking. Reflecting its forward-looking, streamlined interior, we created a brand identity whose subtle references to the Italian futurist movement communicated Il Gatto’s departure from the same-old, same-old.

Il Gatto Blade sign

iL Gatto Blade Sign

Supervox created a vertically-oriented logo for Il Gatto and designed its blade sign.

Il Gatto business card

iL Gatto Business Card

Il Gatto business cards featured the restaurant’s Futurist-style “mechanized cat” illustration.

Il Gatto To Go bag

iL Gato To-Go-Bag

A bag for takeout and leftovers conveyed the restaurant’s distinctive brand identity.

Il Gatto website

iL Gatto Website on an Apple Desktop

Almost every command on the Il Gatto website generated a pair of photos that juxtaposed images illustrating the restaurant’s dual focus on the classic and contemporary.