Butcher Cuts & Booze

As much an exercise in understatement as it is a showcase for its James Beard Award-winning creator, Tim McKee’s Libertine bar and restaurant takes a purposefully low-key approach to engaging with its audience, then wows them with masterfully prepared butcher cuts and top-shelf cocktails.

Libertine Logo

Libertine Logo

Supervox named Libertine, and designed a logo that communicated the restaurant’s eclectic nature.

Libertine Signage

Libertine Blade Sign

From the exterior signage to table tents, Libertine communicated with blunt confidence.

Libertine ad

Libertine Pork Chop Ad

Brevity and boldness characterized Libertine’s print ads

Libertine Menu

Menus could be printed in-store daily to accommodate the whims of the chef. Highlighting Libertine’s focus on lesser known cuts of meat, each menu item was coded to correspond to the part of the animal from which it came.