Manny's Steakhouse

Sizzle, swagger and subtle self-deprecation

Movers, shakers and deal-makers have elevated Manny’s to the very top of the food chain, but the power of this iconic steakhouse’s brand lies in the way it lets everyone else know that they’re welcome, too.

Manny’s Website on a Desktop Computer

Manny's website on a desktop computer screen

Now in its third generation, the restaurant’s new website telegraphs the rich Manny’s experience while providing essential information quickly and intuitively.

Manny’s Mobile Screens

Manny's Steakhouse Mobile Screens

Manny’s mobile-optimized site makes it easy for a new generation of steak eaters to get the information they need on the platforms of their choice.

Manny’s Menus

Manny's Steakhouse Menu

Menus are in the tradition of the classic New York-style steakhouse.

Manny’s Outdoor advertising

Manny's Steakhouse Billboard

Once a dinner-only restaurant, Manny’s began serving lunch and breakfast when it moved to the W Minneapolis – The Foshay hotel in 2008.