Mozza Mia

Humble. Diligent. Delcious.

Imagine that a chef with more passion than cash wanted to open his own place. He’d focus on the food and keep the messaging simple and straightforward. He’d open a Mozza Mia.

Mozza mia gift cards

Mozza Mia Gift Card

Mozza Mia gift cards incorporate hand-drawn elements to suggest the restaurant’s real focus is on the food, not the marketing.

Mozza Mia Menus

Mozza Mia Menus

Printed on craft paper to suggest that they do double duty as placemats, Mozza Mia Menus feature a combination of type and handwritten-style illustrations.

Mozza Mia Posters

Mozza Mia Posters

The posters’ hastily-assembled quality suggests that the owners’ real skills are on display in the kitchen.

Mozza Mia Trucksides

Mobile advertising isn’t always on a smartphone. This messaging for Mozza Mia appeared on the side of the Parasole Restaurant Holding’s bakery delivery truck.

Mozza Mia Web Gallery 1

Mozza Mia Gallery Page of Website

The website juxtaposes professional photography with illustrations that could have been sketched on a napkin — actually, WERE sketched on a napkin.

Mozza Mia Mobile

Mozza Mia’s mobile site provides quick access to essential information.