Mythic Energy

Fortified Energy

Claiming your territory in the energy drink market requires a differentiated product and a powerfully distinct brand identity. Supervox worked with Well Thought Ventures to introduce the world to Mythic Energy, a beverage expressly designed to augment an active lifestyle with steady energy, essential nutrients, and just the right balance of pomegranate-infused sweetness and tartness.

Mythic Energy Logotype

The Mythic Energy logo is as powerful as it is simple. Paired with our illustration of Atlas hoisting a pomegranate, it quickly and memorably conveys Mythics’s unique attributes.

Mythic Energy Website About Page

Refreshingly clean and direct, the initial website invited prospective customers to view Mythic Energy not only as refreshment, but as a key component of an active and engaged lifestyle.

Mythic Energy Website About Page Screen 3

From the very beginning, we worked to establish and reinforce the simple, but powerful appeal of an energy drink that combines functionality with refreshment in a way that’s unique in the market.