Parasole Restaurants

Building the brand of a brand creator

Parasole Restaurant Holdings occupied a distinct middle ground in the dining world. This Minneapolis-based, multi-concept company wanted to create high-volume restaurants that could compete against the chains without alienating guests who were predisposed to dining at smaller, chef-driven independent establishments. But how do you do both?

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We don’t make a move without Supervox. They’re more than an agency for Parasole, they’re a key member of what I call our “kitchen cabinet.” They concept with us. They name our restaurants. They build astonishingly rich brands that our guests fall in love with. And once a restaurant is up and running, Supervox partners with our marketing team to keep it on an upward arc. From helping us expand concepts like Buca di Beppo and Oceanaire Seafood Room nationwide, to managing one-off brands here in the Twin Cities, Supervox is simply essential to Parasole’s success.

Phil Roberts

Co-founder & CEO, Parasole Restaurant Holdings