Salut Bar Américain

Zee neighborhood French joint

French restaurants are snooty and expensive. They’re for special occasions and business dinners. The food is fancy and the menus intimidating. The Salut brand countered all of these stereotypes to help deliver on the restaurant’s promise of being “the brasserie down the block.”

Salut Logo

The Salut wordmark is classic bistro.

Salut Signage

Salut Photos

The Salut visual identity encompasses a family of signage treatments.

Salut Menu

Salut Menus

Menus combine classic bistro iconography with the restaurant’s trademark snarky frog.

Salut In-store table tent

Salut Table Tent

Salut table tents feature two hard-backed, corner-tabbed panels that allow for easy change-out of brand and promotional messaging.

Salut Mangalitsa Pig Dinner Placemat

Salut Placemat with Mangalitsa Illustration

Salut may be a casual bistro, but its kitchen boasts serious talent. This placemat promoted a special, multi-course dinner celebrating the famed Mangalitsa breed of pig.

Salut Shrines

Guest checks arrive inside a small bi-fold presenter bearing the story of a fictional character who died in the service of French cuisine. We created a large collection of these “memorials,” which the restaurant cycles through on a regular basis. Complementing the check presenter inserts, framed, poster-sized versions are found on the walls of women’s room and, above the urinal, in the men’s room.

Salut Print Ads

These ads heralded the restaurant’s arrival in chi-chi downtown Edina, Minnesota in a way that communicated its unpretentious nature.