Skylark Dry Cleaning

Eco-friendly. Dirt hostile.

Skylark Dry Cleaning came to us as a start-up in need of a brand. Their points of difference – convenient pickup and delivery, elevated service, superior cleaning – were many, but the biggest differentiator was Skylark’s 100% green operation, which was safer for customers, employees and clothes, and better for the environment.

Skylark Logo

Skylark Logo

The Skylark logo communicates both the nature of the business and the tone of the brand.

Skylark signage

Our goal for the Skylark signage was to make customers feel refreshed and relaxed whenever they saw it. Rolling billboards for Skylark, the company’s growing fleet of fans regularly draw compliments from motorists and customers.

Skylark exterior

With large windows and a vividly painted interior, Skylark’s entire storefront becomes a sign.

Skylark laundry bags

Most of Skylark’s customers use its free pickup and delivery service. Items are placed in an individually tagged bag, which is returned along with the cleaned garments.

Skylark Notecards

Skylark Notecards

Supervox created a series of notecards that could be attached to hangers in order to call customers’ attention to specific issues.

Skylark doorhanger

For a dry cleaning pickup and delivery service, door clingers are a must.

Skylark web page

The Skylark website details the services the company provides, educates customers on the industry, and enables users of the pickup and delivery service to check order status.


What’s impressed us about Supervox is that they combine the comprehensiveness of a larger firm with the entrepreneurial scrappiness of a start-up. They helped us launch our business, armed us with everything we needed to be successful, and have continued to be our trusted advisor and partner as we’ve grown and grown. We constantly get compliments on their work, from customers, designers, and even from competitors! Also, I need to mention that beyond being great at what they do, these people are actually nice – a big, big plus indeed.

Andrew Gaspard

Owner, Skylark Dry Cleaning