Smoke Modern Barbeque

Classic flavor. Whole new style.

Smoke Modern Barbeque blends BBQ traditions in a way that’s authentic and true – yet thrillingly new. We updated the visual identity, website and marketing materials to communicate a brand that celebrates the history of barbeque, while adding a whole new chapter to it.

Smoke Modern Barbeque Digital Signage


Digital signage communicated Smoke Modern Barbeque’s dual strengths: its barbeque bonafides and genre innovations, including refined décor and a broad menu of spirits.

Smoke Modern Barbeque Magazine Ad


Magazine ads introduced readers to a new kind of barbeque restaurant – one that combined the pleasures they expected from a BBQ joint with unexpected attributes including a host of non-meat options.

Smoke Modern Barbeque Poster


Promotional posters appeared throughout the business park from which the restaurant drew much of its clientele.

Smoke Modern Barbeque Website Design

This isn’t a new website; it’s an artful re-skin of Smoke’s existing site and compelling evidence of our ability to achieve ambitious objectives on constrained budgets.

Smoke Modern Barbeque Mobile Design

The Smoke site refresh brought mobile responsiveness to barbeque fans on the go.