Twin Cities 400 Tavern

Minnesota Proud

An independent restaurant that’s proudly rooted in the North Country, this casual, come-as-you-are tavern – named after an express train from the 1930s – showcases the unique hospitality and character of the Twin Cities.

TC400 Quality Stamp

Picking up on typography and graphics associated with Twin Cities 400 train, we developed a “ticket stamp” emblem as a visual signature for the restaurant.

TC400 Style Guide

We developed a simple, easy-to-follow brand guide to ensure that all marketing communication maintained a consistent look and feel.

TC400 Website

Based on a templated platform, Supervox developed a low-cost but comprehensive and search engine optimized website that provided essential information in the restaurant’s brand voice.

TC400 Email marketing in MailChimp

We developed an email template that allows the Twin Cities 400 Tavern to communicate across devices and platforms without compromising brand identity.

TC400 Billboard

The restaurant’s location, immediately off an interstate, make it an ideal candidate for an impactful, quick-read billboard.

TC400 Posters

The “ticket stamp” emblem system was easily adapted for a variety of messaging, while establishing a coherent visual language for marketing materials.

TC400 Menu Design

Menus highlighted the restaurant’s local roots, complemented its casual interior, and were easy and inexpensive to update.