Creating a high-definition brand

America’s only domestic manufacturer of PTZ cameras and peripherals, Vaddio is known for rapid innovation. We helped create the brand and transition it from regional unknown to national juggernaut.

Vaddio Logo

Supervox created the Vaddio brand identity, including its logo.

Vaddio Website

Vaddio Website on Apple Desktop

The Vaddio website showcases a vast range of constantly updated products.

Vaddio Landing Page

This landing page’s singular focus on conversion made it particularly effective in helping to launch an important new Vaddio product.

Vaddio landing page iphone

Seen here on a mobile screen, our landing page for this new Vaddio product engaged users across platforms.

Vaddio Catalog

Vaddio Catalog

Each year, we created a print version of the Vaddio catalog.