The Rapid Engagement Plan (REP)

Illuminate the way forward for your customers with a simple, economical – and effective – messaging strategy.
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You have what your customers need. REP makes sure they know it.

Created in partnership with the NSCA, the Rapid Engagement Plan ensures that your customers are met with relevant messaging that speaks to their immediate needs.

During a time of physical distancing, many businesses are scrambling to embrace video conferencing and other tools that enable their teams to work remotely, connect to clients now that business travel has ground to a halt, and preserve business continuity with fewer staff on site.

You know how to help your customers achieve these objectives, and REP ensures they get the message.

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Engaging customers is easy – when you have a good REP.

When it comes to marketing, your first priority these days is get your messaging in line with the times. Make sure your customers know you have the talent and tools to help them accommodate the “new normal.” REP does this by providing you:

  • Inbound and outbound messaging and tactics to let customers know you’re ready and able to help
  • Relevant content to inform, reassure and lead them forward
  • Supporting email campaigns
  • Assistance in branding services to speak to your customers’ immediate needs
Did we mention that REP is simple to execute?

Leveraging a pre-set arsenal of tools and tactics that are tailored to you, REP is economical and simple to implement. That’s because it’s layered on your existing capabilities and communication assets – your current website, your existing marketing platform and email lists.

This isn’t an complicated, ground-up strategy; it’s a focused, effective one that’ll ensure your customers know what you can do for them.

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Getting started

Whether you’re ready to move forward or you just want to learn more, here’s what happens next:

  1. Get in touch with us.
  2. We’ll listen to you and understand your situation
  3. We’ll help you identify and prioritize inbound and outbound messaging and tactics suited to your customer base
  4. We’ll get back to you promptly with an estimate and timeline geared to your specific needs and circumstances.

Want to move extra fast?

In order to implement the Rapid Engagement Plan, there are some assets and permissions we’ll need. So please be ready to share:

  • Your logo file
  • Credentials for sending emails
  • Website administrative access
  • Your website FTP, or even better: hosting control panel access.

It’s helpful to begin gathering this information in advance of our engagement. Once we’re in contact with you, we’ll arrange so that you can share your information safely to us using encryption. We recommend sending them via a gmail account and using Virtru to keep your information safe.

Let’s set a time to talk