The Farm AV

End-to-End Expertise for Enterprise AV

Both an AV industry manufacturer’s sales representative and a diversely capable provider of technical and other services, The Farm brings unmatched expertise to even the largest enterprise clients and their integrator partners. Our challenge was to communicate the firm’s unique identity and hybrid strengths – quickly and compellingly – to audiences who have never seen anything like The Farm.

The Farm AV – Logo

Our work for the farm began with full-scale brand development, which provided the basis for us to execute a broad range of tactics, including a logo refresh and tagline, which communicated a clearly defined identity and selling proposition.

The Farm AV – Website Home Desktop View

The Farm’s new website, featuring original illustrations integrated with photographs of organization team members, highlighted one of the firm’s signal strengths – its highly capable staff – while bridging the perceptual gap between the The Farm’s name and visual identity and the industry it served.

The Farm AV – Website Illustrations

As a company that provides services ranging from quoting and procuring to engineering, programming, commissioning, training and more, The Farm understood the importance of clarifying its top-level messaging so as not to overwhelm first-time site visitors. The simplicity of the website, along with its focus on the people who power The Farm, accomplished that objective.

The Farm AV – Name This Chicken Contest

Asked to help promote the newly launched website, Supervox proposed a contest to “Name Our Chicken” – a central graphic element of the brand and the star of its swag.

The Farm AV – Name Our Chicken Prizes and Leader Board

The Farm’s “Name That Chicken” contest drew hundreds of entries, spiked traffic to the new site, and helped both to reposition the company in the eyes of its current customers while introducing The Farm to prospective ones.


Trust. Attention. Compassion. Detail – taking the time to put in that extra 5 percent to just make everything better. Contrary to most agencies I’ve worked with, the folks at Supervox truly care – about the project, about the relationship, about the future. Most advertising agencies in Minneapolis take advantage of small- to mid-size companies – not Supervox. I’ve worked with them for years on everything from print and digital to multimedia and interactive design. I can’t speak highly enough of the entire group and can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without them. Supervox is that tiny jewel you only find once in a lifetime.

Kelly Perkins

Marketing Communication Manager
AVI Systems