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Before our agency rebrand…

Supervox Beaker bursting with color

…we were Intercom Agency, a Minneapolis-based design/branding firm with well-known work, but a decidedly under-the-radar reputation.

Sure, our clients talked us up. In fact, their referrals served as our principal new business tool – which worked out great, because we were too busy to promote ourselves anyway.

Intercom grew along with our clients. As their needs, markets, and the technology to reach their audiences evolved, so did our agency – adding people and services, honing our existing strengths and developing entirely new ones across a broad range of platforms and channels.

Eventually, the reality of who we’d become scarcely resembled the agency we once were.

It was time for a serious rebrand

Yet as dramatic a change as Supervox represents, it’s not so much a transformation as the result of a long gestation. Which makes this, our inaugural blog post, a kind of birth announcement.

(Please, no gifts.)

It’s with great pride, then, that we introduce you to Our new website tells the Supervox story a lot more compellingly than a blog post. Please, take a look, poke around. The newborn that it is, the site will practically grow before your eyes.

So visit often, and be sure to sign up for our updates here.

We’re done with the low-profile thing.