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We’ve come a long way

Supervox 2016 Holiday Card

It’s been a big year for Supervox. In a way, it feels like our agency came of age. We grew up. Awww.

A little history

Supervox started as three creative gentlemen breaking away in 2008 from the marketing firm, Gage, where they had come to be employed. These three guys, copywriter Tim Alevizos, creative director Tim Sauer and Matt Wilson, a web generalist, were in the habit of making smart creative solutions at the request of clients, within Gage and externally, who were themselves marketers. Yet marketing strategy always originated somewhere outside the view of the two Tims and Matt. The work they proudly did was “on-strategy.” It just wasn’t their strategy.

The three built the beginnings of an agency and called it Intercom. They thought of themselves as anyone’s smart, fun creative department. Quick and reasonably priced, a great tool for ambitious companies. Intercom was an ideal partner for challenger brands who already had all the marketing thinking they needed.

On behalf of their little agency, the guys stayed almost comically true to their abstention from all strategy. They never promoted themselves. Still, work always came in the door and their team grew from the original three to six as an account manager, a web developer and an additional designer were added.

No more sad goodbyes

But around 2014 the little team began to notice a sad recurring pattern with clients. Intercom would joyfully work to define the voice and visual expressions of a brand. Then, like parents, they would have to tearfully step away as their client grew up and became involved with agencies that provided marketing strategy and tactics. That was heartbreaking every time. Intercom wanted to keep its clients forever!

Intercom began the process of adding a marketing component with both general marketing competence and digital strategy as well. And to signal this major change, we renamed and rebranded ourselves as Supervox.

What a year

Well 2016 is the year it all came together. Intercom became Supervox Agency. We grew from 5 to nine, added that marketing muscle and, based on demand for the new capabilities, we’ve had the pleasure of adding a project manager and a few additional designers, as well.

We still work with a range of clients from one-person businesses to multinational corporations, spanning geographies and industries. But it’s a great feeling that now, after the client’s brand look is designed and the brand voice defined, we can continue to serve our new friends in a marketing capacity as well.

You can see a lot of our work here on our site, and in the coming weeks, even more will be added, so check back. Just be sure to dial down your screen brightness beforehand. The dazzle could burn your retinas.