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Meet the Lazer Catz

Supervox Agency Bowling Team - LazerCats

Supervox’s first outings in the Better Off Bowling league have been triumphant, mostly because our opponents can’t bowl for s*** with lasers trained on them.

You might wonder how we became the Lazer Catz. After all, what does that name have to do with bowling or our agency’s mission to serve ambitious brands?

There are a few connections – the main one being the feline grace we bring to the sport; our elegant form, meticulous grooming, and the lethality of our strikes. There’s also our laser focus on redirecting our opponents’ ambitions away from bowling to pursuits that might offer them a better chance of winning.

Still, it was hardly a given that we would be the Lazer Catz. Here’s a list of other names that were in contention. If you’re good at bowling but bad at naming, feel free to claim any of them as your own:

  • Gutter Mouths
  • Gutter Ballers
  • Hold My Beer
  • I Got This
  • The 300
  • The Three Strikers
  • Coeurs des Lanes
  • The Irritable Bowlers
  • The Scoring Machines
  • The Wild Turkeys
  • The Split Personalities
  • Tornadoes in the Alley
  • Balled Ambition
  • Balled & Overweight
  • Monster Ballers
  • We Hurl!
  • Let’s Hurl!
  • Gonna Hurl
  • Can’t Stop Hurling!
  • The Disembowlers
  • Bowl Movement
  • Pinsanity
  • Fast Laners
  • Lane Lords
  • Stinky Shoes

Check back for updates on how we do this season. We expect to scratch out more than a few victories.