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Working from home during COVID-19: The Good, the Bad and the Musty

Most everyone outside of those employed by government-deemed essential businesses is working from home now, if they’re fortunate enough to still have a job during this worrisome time. We Supervoxers are doing the same, and finding it takes some getting used to.

Like most things in life, there are tradeoffs to working remotely. Here are some of my observations about working from home, with its inherent pros and cons:

THE GOOD: If you live alone and like quiet, you can have it, making it easier to put your head down and concentrate without interruptions. Especially great for writing proposals, briefs, presentations.

THE BAD: It’s not so quiet if you have kids at home now that the schools are closed, possibly going nuts as spring weather arrives. But…THE GOOD: More time with your kids! They won’t be this young forever, so enjoy it while you can.

THE GOOD: Modern technology makes communication with coworkers and clients easy – videoconferencing, screen-sharing, Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc. are efficient ways of having meetings without all being congregated in one place. Phone, email and text are tried and true means of communication for times when you can’t just barge into someone’s office or tap them on the shoulder.

THE BAD: Some things are easier to express face to face in one place. It may take longer to communicate something in an email than if you could just barge into their office or tap them on the shoulder.

THE GOOD: Your home is more comfortable than the office. Can work from your sofa or recliner! Put your slipper-clad feet up.

THE BAD: Internet speed is much slower at home–uploads can take forever. Don’t have a copier handy. Have to make your own coffee. Faucet keeps dripping.

THE GOOD: Physical distancing is safe and responsible, helping to flatten the curve. Being responsible feels kind of good, doesn’t it?

THE BAD: Isolation. We’re social animals, not meant to be holed up in our houses, avoiding our neighbors. Pretty soon, you miss your routine. Must remember to connect with people virtually, or risk loneliness and the blues.

THE GOOD: No commute, so you’re saving money on gas (though gas prices are low currently), and wear and tear on your vehicle. Also, you’re not polluting the air so much with your carbon monoxide. And think of the time you’re saving not stuck in traffic.

THE BAD: You’re probably going through more toilet paper now that you’re not utilizing the workplace restrooms.

THE GOOD: Windows can be opened at home. Breathe in that fresh air!

THE BAD: Noticing little bitty insects suddenly in the house. There may be holes in the screens.

THE GOOD: Play whatever music you want at home, or none! No having to listen to somebody else’s Spotify playlists.

THE BAD: Missing Superox Thursday.

THE GOOD: Your pets are nearby! Dog is ecstatic to see so much of you. Cat barely wakes up to notice your presence (or utilizes your presence to beg for additional feedings).

THE BAD: If you work in a dog office but don’t have a dog, you’ll go through dog withdrawal.

THE GOOD: Refrigerator nearby, full of food.

THE BAD: There goes the diet.

THE GOOD…OR BAD? Grooming becomes optional.

THE MUSTY: Being home 24/7 with optional grooming, you may find things getting a little rank. So, remember to open those windows periodically for a good airing out!

Hopefully, we can weather this storm together (separately, at a safe distance), and return to the way things were before too long.

Stay safe. Stay separated. Stay sane.