Supervox Blog

Well, Coronavirus sucks.

There’s really no silver lining to a pandemic, except perhaps the fact that we’re all in this together. That said, we know that the hardship will not be distributed equally. Each of us has a responsibility to be mindful of others’ challenges, and to do what we can to lighten their load.

The other thing we have to do: Simply carry on, trusting that the misery will pass and that we can lessen its severity with understanding and kindness toward one another. Fortunately, as a creative agency in the digital age, Supervox is better positioned to carry on than a lot of other businesses. Indeed, much of the work we do every day is performed remotely.

A message, then, to our clients (and those who might consider becoming one): Team Supervox may be physically dispersed, but we remain as capable and as focused as ever on giving you the continuity of service you need.

Feel free to call on us. We’ll work for toilet paper and hand sanitizer.