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AVI LIVE comes alive

Gary Kayye speaking at AVI Live 2017 Cincinnati

This was gratifying!

One of the AV industry’s premier thought leaders, Gary Kayye of rAVe Publications, blogged recently about AVI LIVE 2017, a tech exploration and education event we helped create for our client, AVI Systems, Inc. They’re the nation’s fourth-largest (and most forward-thinking) AV integrator.

Describing the kickoff show in Cincinnati, where he was a keynote speaker, Kayye wrote, “It was incredible. Everything about it!”

First in his enumeration of all the ways AVI LIVE 2017 broke new ground, Kayye talked about the event’s branding. We’d quote from the article but it makes us blush – plus you can read his comments in their entirety by clicking right here.

What’s really remarkable about his post is the way Kayye zeroes in on the event’s distinctive focus: “Instead of just having a mini-tradeshow with a class or two sprinkled throughout the day…” – the norm for these kinds of shows – “…the core of AVI LIVE was education. The two-day event included 12 hour-long courses – all preshow. This is a big deal as most integrator shows I’ve been to or spoken at hold the show all day and the educational offerings are either all product-focused or happen during show hours.”

In 2016, we helped AVI formulate and lay the groundwork for a company-wide strategy aimed at establishing it as the industry’s education leader. After all, AVI has an extraordinarily well-credentialed and customer-focused workforce. In an industry that’s always changing, expertise and service are everything, and AVI has made a bold move to assert itself as its leading expert and educator. Less than a year after embarking on this path, Kayye’s article comes as powerful validation
of our efforts, both to elevate the company’s brand and truly distinguish AVI from the competition by focusing on education.

Even more exciting for us: This is just the beginning. We created Supervox to help ambitious clients reach their potential, and it’s happening before our eyes at AVI. Soon, the company will unveil a host of new education-focused capabilities, resources and services – tools that will not only to keep its workforce on the cutting edge, but will educate customers, partners, and even competitors. We’ll keep you apprised of what’s happening – because it’s going to be a game changer.